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Mr. Sega himself...
Mr. Sega himself...
New Alien game in the works...
New Alien game in the works...
Classic arcade fighter still going...
Classic arcade fighter still going...


The good, the bad, the ugly. Sega did it all.

Find out how it all started, where they're at right now, and what's in store for the legendary video game maker. Check out the Sega history page here.


Sega made many consoles over the years. Will the company ever find its way back to the hardware business? This page catalougues the various Sega consoles, and digs into the dream of what it would take for Sega to return to its home console glory days.


Alex Kidd, Bayonetta, Crazy Taxi... the Sega portfolio is quite impressive. Check this page out for all the hits, flops, and in-betweeners that Sega published and produced over the last several decades of video gaming.

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